Royal Designs’ history is a story of growth. After several years in the retail industry in the metro Atlanta area, Royal Designs was born in 1993. With its founding, it brought with it experience in customer service, original design ideas and a vision of exponential growth. Royal Designs first line of signature lamp designs came about from a small 2,000 sq ft. facility in a Atlanta, GA. Soon thereafter, designs for occasional furniture, home accessories and other lighting products emerged. With continuously evolving trends, Royal Designs also evolved. After realizing we had outgrew our first facility, in 1997 we moved into a 80,000 sq ft. warehouse with a complete showroom and offices.

In 2008, we ultimately cemented our presence in the lighting industry with help from our lamp shade niche. Basic, Designer, Hardback and Chandelier Lamp Shade lines were initially designed, manufactured and have been nationally recognized since then. We have grown to carrying over 250+ styles of lamp shades, also stocking 4,500 different combinations. Top designers, architectural firms and lighting/lamp shade shops represent Royal Designs, Inc. lamp shades. Our shades are always being enjoyed by world renowned hotels, historic sites, popular films and most importantly–American households–in living rooms, bedrooms, sun-rooms, dining rooms and foyers.


Royal Designs, Inc is a Wholesale Manufacturer of Premium Lamp Shades.