• Spider /  Washer Fitters:  The spider fitter uses a standard harp and finial. (Most Common)
  • UNO Fitters: The UNO fitter is built-in to the lampshade. There are two types of UNO fitters:
     – “Slip” UNO fitters: Sits on the socket before placing the light bulb.
    – “Threaded” UNO fitters: These are generally for down-bridge floor lamps that have a threaded fitter for installation with the appropriate UNO washer socket.
  • Clip-on Fitters: Our newer inventory of clip-on shades are made with a double clip for increased stability.
    – Round Clip Fitter (RC): 
    This type of clip is used with a conventional round bulb.
    – Flame Clip Fitter (FC): 
    This type of clip is used with a candelabra bulb.
  • Reflector Bowl Spider Fitters: To insure our shades will accommodate glass reflectors or globes, all shades with top diameter greater than 10″ have single or double notched groove fittings on the top spider.




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