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About Our Lamp Shades

Shade Design


Our wide range of frame styles’ and shapes’ are the backbone and foundation to our lampshades. Each frame is individually hand-forged and made of heavy grade/gauge steel wire (0.5mm). Lamp shade frame sizes range from 3″ to 22″ bottom diameter–and styles include traditional bells, modern squares, transitional drums. Our frames are protected with rust-resistant powder coating and the top spiders are brass polished and stamped with our logo to insure the highest quality of lamp shades–that is Royal Designs, Inc.

Here are just a few of our 250+ lamp shade styles:


We believe in order for a premium lamp shade to be correctly labeled as “premium”, it must have a high quality components. High quality, tight-stretched lining is what ultimately sells a lamp shade! We continue to maintain our SIGNATURE lamp shades to exemplify the handmade craftsmanship of every individual shade. Royal Designs is a leader and innovator in the lamp shade industry.

Standard softback lining color is off-white, and all black softback shades have double gold lining to help mitigate the lighting. Hardback shades have a thick styrene with off-white lining overlay.

Off White

Gold Lining

Hardback Styrene


Shade trimming adds a beautiful decorative finish to any lampshade. Examples include: single flat trim, double folded trim and designer laced trim. When initially designing lamp shades, we carefully assess what types of trims are appropriate with various styles of shades. Vertical piping trim is necessary to add an extra display of elegance and quality to our lamp shades.

Our Basic lamp shade series have standard double folded top and bottom trimming.

Our Designer lamp shade series are influenced by decorative European trimming designs.

Our Chandelier lamp shade have both basic and designer types of trimming.

Our Hardback lamp shade fabrics are rolled-over to give a clean and modern feel.

Double Folded Trim

Designer Trim

Single Fold Trim

Roll Over Trim


Spider / Washer Fitters: The spider fitter uses a standard harp and finial. (Most Common)
UNO Fitters: The UNO fitter is built-in to the lampshade. There are two types of UNO fitters:
“Slip” UNO fitters: Sits on the socket before placing the light bulb.
“Threaded” UNO fitters: These are generally for down-bridge floor lamps that have a threaded fitter for installation with the appropriate UNO washer socket.
Clip-on Fitters: Our newer inventory of clip-on shades are made with a double clip for increased stability.
Round Clip Fitter (RC): This type of clip is used with a conventional round bulb.
Flame Clip Fitter (FC): This type of clip is used with a candelabra bulb.
Reflector Bowl Spider Fitters: To insure our shades will accommodate glass reflectors or globes, all shades with top diameter greater than 10″ have single or double notched groove fittings on the top spider.

Fabric Swatches

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