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Heavy Duty Lighting Fixture Chain – 6 foot length – Up to 60-pound weight capacity – Various Finishes

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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Royal Designs Fixture Chains feature lock buckles, screw-in hooks, and threaded pipes which give you convenience and flexibility of using the chains in a multitude of ways! The lock buckles allow you to interlock chains together or connect to mounting hardware (like the included mounting hook with threaded pipe) Create a stylish garden fence, or a DIY bird feeder, or even a unique artistic hanging display. The possibilities are endless! Heavy Duty Lighting Fixture Chains from Royal Designs are the ultimate chains for hanging your chandeliers, pendant lights, and even flower pots! Available in five beautiful finishes, our chains will match any space and complement any decor! Our chains are sturdier than most, capable of holding up to 60 pounds, making it perfect for protecting your priceless chandelier, one-of-a-kind ceiling light, or even delicate plants. We pride ourselves on providing products that are not just functional and stylish, but also made to last. Our chains are coated in a protective lacquer that prevents tarnishing, meaning they’re great for both indoor and outdoor use. The lock buckles are user-friendly while also being solid and rugged. You can rest easy knowing that whatever hangs from our chain will only come down when you want it to! Choose from a set 1, 2, or more!

  • GREAT VALUE: The 6 foot long Royal Design chain, support up to 60 pounds and includes extra parts for convenient use.
  • HEAVY-DUTY: The 4.5mm chain thickness is designed to be exceptionally sturdy and safe for many projects!
  • SLEEK FINISHES: Available in multiple finishes of Polished Brass, Antique Brass, Satin Nickel, Polished Nickel, and Oil Rubbed
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED: Each set includes a six-foot chain, two lock buckles, and two Hook Rings with Threaded Pipes.
  • VERSATILE: While our chains are primarily used for lighting fixtures, also perfect for hanging flower pots, bird feeders, and other decorative uses. See our images for examples.

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Antique Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Brass, Polished Nickel, Satin Nickel

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2-Pack, Single

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